frequently asked questions

Q. What is "What the Fudge"?
Launched in 2021, "What the Fudge" is a small-batch artisan vegan fudge made with plant-based ingredients, which produces a superior product that is both delicious and better for the animals and our planet. We strive to find and use the best ingredients available to make our fudge. 


"What the Fudge" is a product line of Dragonfly Urban Farm, a bio-intensive, no-dig, veganic urban farm located in Spokane, Washington. We grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, greens, baby root vegetables, and flowers. 


Q. Where Do I Find "What the Fudge"?
You can shop here on this website or find us at the local farmer's market in Spokane, Washington.

Q. How Do I Store My Fudge?
As soon as you receive your fudge order in the mail we recommend that you store it immediately in the refrigerator to retain maximum texture and flavor. It will store there for up to four weeks, however we recommend that you eat it when it's fresh within the first week or two.

Q. How Long Does it Take to Receive My Order?
Your order takes about two days to ship and then generally two-to-three days via USPS in the mail. Your order will have a tracking number.


Q. Why is Your Fudge Vegan?
Our intention is to create exceptional fudge that is both delicious and better for the animals and the planet. We strive to be as compassionate as possible in our business practices and have the radical idea that nobody should get hurt. While it is impossible to be perfect, we learn from our mistakes and wake up with the intention of doing the best we can. 

Q. What Makes Your Fudge Vegan?
Instead of dairy cream, we use whole organic soy-milk that is free from additives and preservatives. We also use a non-hydrogenated non-dairy butter spread in place of dairy butter. We are working on adding other recipes to our repertoire including creating different flavors and ingredients for individuals who may have soy allergies.

Q. What is in Your Fudge?
Our fudge is handmade from scratch in small batches with fresh real ingredients: non-dairy buttery spread, organic cane sugar, organic soy milk, dairy-free chocolate, and real vanilla extract.


Q. Are There Any Allergens in the Fudge?
Go to our Shop Page and click on each fudge to view all of the ingredients listed. We do use organic soy milk in our fudge and walnuts in the chocolate walnut recipe. The chocolate that we use may have been processed on equipment that also packages products that may contain peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soybeans, dairy milk, and eggs.



Q. How much fudge is in an 8 OZ or 1 LB Package?
1 - 8OZ package is actually 8-9 OZ's and will give you a nice slab or approximately 8 large pieces. You can double that for 1 LB. There is a price discount when you buy 1 LB.


Q. How Does Your Fudge Do in the Heat?
It arrives in good condition most of the time and during the hottest months we add a frozen gel pack that's designed to keep it cool longer. If your fudge arrives soft, just pop it in the refrigerator. We recommend refrigeration to store your fudge. If for any reason your fudge arrives in bad condition, please contact us at to resolve the issue.


Q. I Love Your Fudge.
How Do I Recommend it to Others?

We're so happy you like the fudge - it's what we hope for! Feel free to make a recommendation on our Facebook page, send our website to a friend, or sign-up for the Dragonfly Urban Farm newsletter that shares news on all of our products on the farm including our fudge.


Q. I am Unhappy With My Order/Fudge.
What Do I Do?

Please contact us at and let us know what happened and we'll make it right. Did your fudge make it ok? Is your order damaged? We'll get it fixed.